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Albany's Indoor Rockgym

4C Vatrano Road

About Us

A.I.R has been intergrating mental and physical fitness for over 18 years. Starting in 1995, we wanted to introduce rock-climbing into the public domain, and it took off BIG!

Here at A.I.R we have found a balance of encouraging new climbers while maintaining challenges for the experienced ones. Our broad range of challenges, from beginner to advance, will keep you interested, intrigued and involved. A.I.R has over 6,000 square feet of climbing surfaces and more than 40 anchored top ropes!

Some features unmatched by other indoor climbing gyms are the floor-to-ceiling cracks, including laybacks, a trackable ceiling top rope system and our one-of-a-kind indoor caving system. Its a 3-dimensional dark as night labyrinth.


David Koslowski

Friday, May 11, 2018
I've climbed at plenty of gyms around the nation, and this is the only one with a cave system. Great fun and exercise for exploring, you can spend hours discovering cool things inside! The gym itself seems to have a great community of people running/supporting it, and some of the routes are great for practicing things like expedition/alpine and hanging belays if you're looking to climb bigger stuff outside. Plus, the rock faces/features are unique. It's not your typical gym, and that's what makes it great!

Walt Wintsch

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Staff was helpful; there are two parts to AIR, rock climbing and the cave system. The rock climbing is great and you can find any pathway that challenges. The cave system is really interesting, pitch black and scary if you're a little broad shoulder such as myself. I barely made it through the "test" pathway, but did qualify. I went through a portion of the caves, but only because a guy I was with lead the way. It's tight! On the other hand, kids have no trouble with the cave system at all. I recommend AIR, just be aware of your own limitations.

charlie tolmie jr

Saturday, June 9, 2018
Went rock climbing for the first time here. Staff are super friendly and very helpful. Had a great time and I am really looking forward to going back.

L. Klinge

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Great indoor rockclimbing facility! The routes range from beginner to advanced and are for both belay and bouldering. There's an indoor cave system, too, for those able to fit through the model crevice. The way it works is that you show up, pay for the day, and rent shoes and harness. The staff give you a 5-10 min primer on how to work the belay rope system, which requires zero knowledge of knots since they use caribiners and assisted braking belay devices. Then, you and your friend try it out to show your skills. It's a lot of fun and they have a true variety of routes, positive, negative, and neutral inclines, negative handholds, ladders, etc. If you are on your own, bouldering and the cave system are more than sufficient to have a good time, there is even an indoor zip line. There's water for sale and the atmosphere is pretty chill, a lot of ripped college age climbers, but a lot of first timers and couples on dates, too. There are a good number of kids on weekends, as one might expect. It's a great value for the price!


Sunday, March 25, 2018
We just had a "lock in" overnight with Troop 26 from Fort Drum, NY. I honestly thought the boys would tire after a few hours, but we literally had to pull them out of the caves and off of the walls! The caving system was a BLAST (even though I got a little "stuck")! It was pitch black in most places and tight, but I was laughing all of the way through it. The Scouts had a great time on and in the walls and ceilings! We will definitely come back!

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