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Andretti Indoor Karting and Games

1255 Roswell Road

Opening in 2000, Andretti Indoor Karting and Games set a goal to create a family and corporate entertainment center that was like no other in Atlanta. It's mandatory that every aspect of our 100,000 square foot entertainment destination provide exciting experiences and be delivered with a level of service that doesn't just follow a higher standard, but sets it. To do this, the first rule is simple: Take The Concept Of Fun Seriously. From there, our management and employees continuously make themselves better by staying educated on the latest gaming & entertainment technologies, while pursuing best practices when it comes to customer service. Whether it's high speed karting, the arcade, Andretti Grill restaurant or our extreme activities, we want every member of your family to leave wanting to come back for more.

With over 10,000 square feet of event/meeting space, we have designed our venue to be Atlanta's premier destination for corporate meetings, conferences and parties. Our event planning experts bring dedication, an attention to detail and an overall experience that cannot be matched.

We invite you, your family, group or company to Atlanta's most exciting entertainment destination - Andretti Indoor Karting and Games. Come experience 'Entertainment you can feel'!


Sharad Raj

Sunday, July 29, 2018
Had a company event, and it was a great time! The Go-Karts were great and so was laser tag. The cars were fast enough (but certainly keeps getting regulated without notice which really screws with your rounds) and some cars clearly need a tire change. They also have a 2 level laser tag room which is great for an indoor laser tag

Marie Weeks

Saturday, July 28, 2018
Definitely don't go here for go-karting if you're short. Most of their go karts have problems with the seat and pedals moving back to the farthest setting mid race. It's fun while the seat and pedals stay put but that doesn't last long. I pulled over to have them fix it twice but it just kept happening. After a while I gave up so I could at least enjoy driving fast (even if I was being a little choked by my seat belt). When we went we also got cards for the arcade that we're good for all games for an hour. Turns out you can't use the cards for the same game more than once. So even if you want to play a lot of the Walking Dead and have lots of time left on the card, it won't let you use it. A lot of the games seem old and busted. A few had particularly bad aiming or input making them nearly impossible to play. Pro tip on the 3D theater games, the triggers on the plastic guns require more force to shoot than they seem. If you're having trouble, I recommend using two fingers, turning them sideways in the opening, and pulling them towards you as fast as you can to hit the trigger. To top everything off, the bartender just left for long periods of time making it hard to pay for a beer and leave. The only pro was that laser tag was pretty fun. All and all, it wasn't a great experience and I won't be going back.

Ronald Willis

Monday, July 16, 2018
This is an awesome place to unwind and have a great time no matter what age. The facility is very well organized with plenty of help to assist you. The racing is divided into three categories which is very helpful according to the age groups. Tbis was my first time and I will definitely return!

oscar fernandez

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
A friend and I went on Monday May 28 (memorial day) to have a good time and celebrate my birthday. After a few games we decided to sit at the bar and have a few drinks. We sat there for several minutes and had all 3 bartenders pass by several times and didn't even bother to visually acknowledge us (they were not busy). Manager also passed by a couple of times, and even though he was a bit busy, he didn't take the time to ask if we had been helped yet. Bartender Anna even took care of a couple who got there after and sat almost next to us. It wasn't until Michaela started stacking some cups right in front of where we were sitting that we asked her if we could get something to drink to which she responded with "I'm late for my break, but ok". She poured us one beer each and immediately gave us our tab. No words were ever exchanged nor another drink offered after that. I've been in the restaurant industry for over 10 years. I have worked at almost every position there is. Including head bartender and management. My friend and I are amazing tippers, but the service we received on that Monday was by far the worst service ever. Even a smile or a happy birthday (she could've known it was my birthday if she would've checked mi ID) could have earned them a tip, but I know the importance of good service to make money as a bartender. Maybe one day we'll give the Marietta location another shot. In the meantime I hope your bartenders learn how to offer good service.

trey cole

Sunday, July 22, 2018
Go-carts, laser tag super awesome. Spent 135.13 just to play games and for the Mario package. Was fun for the most part but decided to leave and try again another day based off the service. Every time we walked up to the bar, bartenders or what looked like management would look at us but turn their backs or in the other direction. I went to spend money for my sisters birthday. Kind of pissed I spent 135 for two hours and rude unprofessional workers.

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