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Brooklyn - Brooklyn Boulders

575 Degraw Street

We are New York City's only fully dedicated rock climbing gym and one of the East Coasts' largest. Since opening our doors in September of 2009, we've dedicated ourselves to providing a fun and challenging climbing experience for people of all ages and experience levels. With 22,000 square feet of climbing surface and a dedicated and skilled setting staff, we can offer both a premium training ground for advanced climbers and a variety of climbs for the total beginner. BKB is proud to offer our own climbing curriculum, Peak Performance Program, or P3  for those seeking to increase their rock climbing skills and knowledge, as well as our BKB Fit program which includes daily yoga classes and  slacklining.

About Us:
Brooklyn Boulders is a dynamic climbing community. We are an eclectic mix of lifestyles, born and bred from the unique and multifaceted forces of NYC. Our neighbors are our heros. They fuel our creative endeavors and enable us to pay it forward. BKB strives to maintain a strong connection with its community in various efforts such as inviting local graffiti artists to display their work to fundraising for local parks and even planning our children's events around local school schedules.


Chris Albanese

Saturday, April 14, 2018
One of my favorite climbing gyms in NYC. It's really the original bouldering gym in NYC, though they've updated the walls recently and it looks more sleek and modern. It's usually pretty crowded after work and on the weekends, but if you get there early (or stay late) you can have some really great sessions. Friendly people and challenging routes keep you coming back!

Mehdi Ben Slama

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Absolutely lovely bouldering place! Spent the afternoon there and everyone was friendly. The bouldering areas are decently sized, and even though the routes are relatively densely packed, I did not find the walls too clogged with holds. One small criticism I would make compared to other bouldering places are the way routes are marked by hold color and tag color, with the V grade of the route being completely independent of the route’s color. This was slightly confusing as I am used to having all routes of the same color correspond to a single grade. One of my greatest disappointment was that I could not meet the famous ‘cock of the north’ the previous review talks about. Maybe next time...

Jacky DeLeon

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
BEWARE This establishment is filled with children all day everyday. You will not get any time for a proper climb unless you show up when they open at 7am, and even then some days you’ll have little kids and babies running around. To make matters worse, the business is quick to lock you into a membership, but you must notify them a month in advance if you plan to cancel because they will not refund any portion which you’ve already paid. This is quite pathetic for such an expensive membership for a facility that is so poorly maintained.. just step into their bathroom once and you’ll wish you hadn’t spent luxury spa prices on a subprime joint.

Gabriel Silk

Monday, April 16, 2018
This is a 1-star gym for the following reasons: - very limited lead / top-rope section - wooden walls - greasy holds - lack of natural light - overpriced day pass ($30 !!) - still using tape instead of hold color to mark routes - no showers available - poor ventilation (other gyms have better hvac systems)

Colin Dale

Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018
Sloppy staff on reception. One came prancing in like "cock of the North" clearly by the smell of him as high as a kite on dope. No locks for lockers as they'd "run out". How many lockers do you have? Err ...that's how many locks you'll need then Sherlock! Even more disconcerting was the sign in the locker room informing you of thefts. The holds were dirty and clearly the routes hadn't been reset for years and the route setting lacked imagination. Tapes falling off the bouldering routes so you often had no idea where the route went. The whole place is poorly maintained, expensive and dirty. I climb alot, and have visited walls around the world when I travel. I'm also a share holder in a climbing wall in the UK and have been involved in the constriction of two walls so I think I'm reasonably well qualified to comment...avoid this's a dump.

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