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Colorado Athletic Training School - Climbing Wall

Colorado Athletic Training School - Climbing Wall
2400 30th street

Indoor climbing is an offshoot from the sport of rock climbing, where the climber ascends a man made wall on artificially made holds instead of a naturally formed cliff. It can be done with a rope or without one as is the case at CATS.

Unroped climbing on short routes is called bouldering. Indoor climbing has the advantage of freedom from weather and other outdoor hazards, as well as an infinite range of challenges to suit every ability, all under one roof.

Movements of all kinds are possible, at any desired level of intensity. Indoor climbing is a great way to build physical strength and to perfect technical skills.

Practiced correctly it can lead to greater ability and enjoyment on outside cliffs as well.

CATS is one of the best indoor bouldering facilities in the area, with literally thousands of holds, deep padding and walls set at every angle.

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