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Delaware Rock Gym

520 Carson Drive

The Delaware Rock Gym has been open since April 2007 and is the only public indoor climbing facility in the state. We offer roped climbing and bouldering (short, unroped climbing) to all ages and ability levels. In addition to individual climbing, we offer group events for birthday parties, corporate groups, and team-fun.

The Delaware Rock Gym features 11,300+ sqft. of climbing surface. The steel frame design allows unique shapes and features that are not possible with wood-framed walls. The dyed concrete finish of the walls will not fade or wear off.


Whitney Hengst

Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018
My friend, who has a member ship here, took me last night and I absolutely loved it! The staff taught me how to put on my harness and talked to me about the way things worked and the different types of walls. It was a lot of fun. A 44 min drive for me, but I'm definitely going to go again!

Tim W

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
This was my home gym for about a year until I moved out of the area. Overall, this is an excellent gym that I would recommend to anyone in northern Delaware. The staff is all very friendly and helpful. They are an approachable group and are always courteous to the climbers, including guests, parties, and first-timers. If you pick their brains, you'll find they're also pretty experienced and can give a few good pointers. The overall quality of the facility is excellent. The felt padding throughout all climbing areas and the additional padding for the bouldering area is all in great condition and very comfortable. While some of the holds can collect chalk, I almost never saw a truly dirty hold. The ropes are also in great condition, especially since they switched out for new ropes in early 2018. The lead climbing ropes, which can be borrowed for free, are also in good condition. While the place can get a little hot during the summer, they can open the large warehouse doors for a good breeze and tan. The overall quantity of climbs is very good, especially for top-rope, and they rotate out climbs frequently enough to keep the regulars satisfied. Praise aside, I do have a short wishlist of things that could make this place even better: * The strength & conditioning area has no dumbbells. This is useful for climbers to train antagonist muscles (push muscles like chest and triceps) and avoid injuries. * The "lounge" area has uncomfortable plastic folding chairs and tables that probably deserve an upgrade. * While they do offer private instruction (if you ask for it), it would be useful if they offered occasional group technique lessons. * The shelves for personal belongings fill up very quickly during busy hours, so an additional shelf (or lockers) would be nice to have.

douglas young

Monday, July 30, 2018
My favorite place. Excellent staff, quality route setting, safe and Fun!!

Kings Ezeh

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018
Excellent place for first timers and adventurers like myself. The guy that handled my group there is very cool person. 5 Stars plus!

Cassidy Landry

Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017
I went there to have some fun and see if I liked rock climbing. The stuff they are so so so nice. If you are looking for some were to rock clime check out this place!🤗😃😃😄😁😆😊

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