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Philadelphia - Go Vertical

950 North Penn Street


Bill P

Friday, April 13, 2018
This is my favorite rock climbing gym! We were members for years, and the staff really takes the time to get to know you. Even going back years later I felt just as welcomed even though I wasn't a regular anymore. This old warehouse turned rock gym offers an amazing assortment of top rope, lead rope and bouldering options. There's something for every skill level.

Joseph Kwon

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018
We went during a Thursday early afternoon and were the only ones in there. We took lessons, which allowed us three rope climbs (varying degrees of difficulty depending on your comfortability). My girlfriend and I tried a harder set for beginnings and completing it was really rewarding. For my last climb, I made it to the very top but didn't have enough energy to grab the last hold. The entire time the staff was cheering me on and giving me as much positive energy as one could. It was such a cool experience and we're definitely going back.

Walt Stepnowski

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Cool place, but very strict in its reservation policy. We reserved for 18, but only 15 came. They would work with us. Not all staff were experienced.

David Suddaby

Thursday, April 19, 2018
Casual atmosphere and good lead climbing. Bouldering needs to be expanded and the building needs a renovation.

Alexander Rubinchik

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018
The gym is great. I made a membership in April 2017 and was happy until I needed to go abroad and freeze/cancel my membership. Be aware: THEY DO NOT FREEZ OR CANCEL MEMBERSHIP ADEQUATELY! 1. in June 2017 I arrived to front desk of the gym to ask to cancel the membership. They told me to write email to: jackm@govertical. 2. I wrote 2 emails to jackm@govertical in two weeks and got ZERO response. Two weeks later wrote again: no response. 3. In July sent a friend to the gym to ask them whats going on (I was abroad already and GoVertical do not answer emails). After my friend went there they canceled/freeze the membership (in words - they give NO written confirmations) and didn't charge me for the month of August. I thought all good... 5. When I came back in January 2018 I seen that they charged me from September through January each month! These are 5 months of $65. I wend to the front dest and asked "whats going on?!" and you can guess the answer: "you need to write to jackm@govertical...". I asked to cancel the membership on the spot - and their answer is: "YOU CAN NOT DO IT". I asked for phone number to call "Jack" or to meet him during office hours: YOU CAN NOT DO THAT with them - emails only. Horrible service. Not fair. Not nice. No ethics. So, before you sign anything with them and or give money think if you want to deal with this type of service.

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