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Grand Valley State University - Climbing Center

Grand Valley State University - Climbing Center
1 Campus Drive

The mission of the GVSU Climbing Center is to provide unique educational experiences for all who wish to participate in the activity of rock climbing.

The 2600 square feet of climbing surface as well as the abundance of programming opportunities makes the Climbing Center an attractive and valuable resource to many groups and individuals both on and off GVSU's campus.

In addition to the benefits that every workout offers such as improved flexibility, increased strength, and endurance; people often visit us for reasons that exceed just the physical gains attributed to climbing.   It is an exhilarating way to breakup the monotony of a traditional workout, it helps to enhance problem solving skills, increase mental focus and it offers opportunities to: Be social in a relaxed environment, take trips to amazing destinations, and of course, learn the basics of the exciting sport of rock climbing!

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