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Signal Hill - Hangar 18 Upland Climbing Gyms - Long Beach

2599 East Willow Street

Welcome to Hangar 18 Indoor Climbing Gyms, home of Southern California's best indoor climbing. With over 50,000ft² of textured climbing terrain, world-class bouldering, massive lead caves featuring routes up to 70ft long, a friendly and professional staff, and a variety of fitness and yoga classes, Hangar 18 Climbing Gyms are the perfect place for everyone from first-timers just looking to have fun to veteran climbers looking to push the threshold of their stamina and endurance to the next level, and from birthday parties to corporate team-building events. Our new Riverside location is a truly state-of-the-art facility, with one of the largest freestanding bouldering walls in the country and more than ten times as much roped climbing as any other gym in Riverside, and our Upland location features a massive bouldering wall, two huge toprope areas, an enormous lead cave, and a forty-foot long roof climb across the ceiling, forty feet off of the ground.


Francisco Vanguardia

Saturday, April 14, 2018
Awesome staff, fun climbs, and great vibes all around make Hangar 18 Long Beach one of the best Hangar 18 gyms by far! I've been bouldering and top roping for years now and I always find myself going to Hangar 18 because they are one of the most affordable climbing gyms in SoCal. Some of the Hangar locations are better than others due to overall maintenance and staff. This location is definitely a lot more well maintained, and is also one of the newest locations. The crash pads are thick and don't look like they are falling apart. There's an even number of top roping and bouldering areas, and the overall layout of the climbing gym is very welcoming. It feels a lot more open and less claustrophobic when there's more people around... My friends and I came to utilize our monthly membership that was ending and I finally convinced them to take a belaying class, since they're the only been doing bouldering. The staff were more than happy to assist us and let us use the rental equipment. They were patient and really helpful in walking us through each step, with adequate time to practice tying the figure 8 knot and appropriate usage of the Grigri top roping device. After top roping for about an hour we did some bouldering and the other members of the gym were so supportive and helpful in helping us through certain routes we were stuck at. Everyone seems to treat each other like family here which is really awesome. If I didn't live so far away I think I'd definitely become a regular here!

William Liu

Thursday, March 29, 2018
I came here for the first time a couple days ago and the staff did a great job at making me feel welcome here. I was initially going to get a day pass just to try it out, but then they told me I was probably better off signing up for a month *FOR JUST 5 DOLLARS* as opposed to paying quadruple that, for a day pass and rental. I gladly obliged and after my first experience climbing, I'm sure it won't be my last.

Ryan Scott-Tucker

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018
I had never climbed before and they didn't think to make sure to go over stuff with me. Basically just had me sign waivers and that's it. Finally I asked for help, and someone came over to give me the official lesson. In reality there should be a person teaching every new person that walks in how to work the equipment. Safety is important and you want people to continue to come to rock climb right????.....

Jeremiah Haynes

Sunday, March 18, 2018
I've been climbing here for about a year and a half and have had some good days and climbs here. But lately this gym is really starting to wear on me; it's close to me so I go here most often. (I sometimes make the drive to the South Bay location for a much better experience). The gym is always dirty and grungy with chalk dust on every conceivable surface and dust bunnies, hair, and old tape balls lurking in the corners. I don't know how often they vacuum or clean but it doesn't seem like very often. The bathrooms are in dire need of a deep cleaning. They have been adding some nice posters and decorations lately though to spruce up the place. The staff is sometimes friendly and sometimes kind of stuck up and acting like a clique chilling behind the counter. I had one guy get snippy with me when I didn't quite hear what he said. Totally uncalled for. And then there's the routes... The routes seem to be getting progressively worse. A lot of boulder problems are too hard for the rating and are confusing to follow. There are sometimes two routes of the same color set too close to each other and you can't tell where each goes. Or routes that just don't make sense and have you saying "WTH?" One V2+ I tried today had a really high foothold start and these thin holds that felt like V3+ or V4. Even some of the V0s I've done to warm up have these weird crimpy holds that I usually only see on V2 or V3. It's V0 for crying out loud, a beginner route! It's like the setters are stoned or sadistic in setting these routes. I've heard good things about the Riverside location and am thinking of making the trek out there occasionally.

Andrew Carlson

Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018
I've been climbing in Colorado for years but my brother lives in SoCal so I was excited to bring him here and show him the ropes. Arrived at about 10:05 and had to do waivers. Then because my brother is new they told us he'd have to do a basic class which they only do on the top of the hour. They wanted us to wait until 11 and would not let me teach him. (They had also JUST opened at 10..) I inquired why this policy is not on their website (it currently shows "no appointment required") and they all but told me to screw off. Not customer-oriented so we ended up leaving. I'll wait for him to come to Boulder, and a gym that actually cares about its patrons.

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