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Red Rock Canyon State Park

116 Red Rock Canyon Rd

Red Rock Canyon State Park, located in west central Oklahoma near Hinton, is an outdoor adventurer's dream. With the backdrop of red canyon walls, visitors are invited to reconnect with the natural world while exploring the park's trails. Take a serene walk on one of the park's two nature trails, or enjoy a more strenuous hike through the rocky terrain on a hiking trail. Hikers can still see wagon wheel ruts left by settlers traveling to California, as the park was once a stop along the historic California Trail. 

Rappelling down the canyon walls is a favorite activity at Red Rock Canyon State Park. Visitors should bring their own rappelling gear to enjoy a day of challenging descents down the walls. For the most adventurous visitors, the highest point of the canyon walls goes up to 80 feet. Start from this point for spectacular views and thrills on the way down. Visitors will also enjoy trying their luck with rod and reel at the fishing pond, and the on-site playground is an instant hit with kids.


Susun Berger

Friday, July 27, 2018
What a hidden gem. 7 miles off I40 down in a beautiful red rock canyon... campground has electric and water, nice big camping areas and virtually no campers!! Bathrooms could use a little updating but showers we're hot and everything was clean😍

Jesse Bickley

Sunday, June 3, 2018
Had an awesome time hiking. You Def need to come prepared with enough water. Some trails are not overly worn down with use, so we suggest using an app like All trails to keep track of where you're at. We'd love to come back and camp here sometime and hike more. They also have a fun swimming pool area and a bunch of small playgrounds through out the campgrounds.

Amanda Thomas

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Nice place for a day hike, some light climbing, or a weekend of camping. The scenery is really pretty and unique. This is a particularly great spot to take small children for hiking. The trails are well worn, very easy to hike, and there are some cool plants and pools along the way which keep it interesting for kiddos. Nothing too strenuous here, but a fun place to visit. My son has been going since he was 2.

Ellen Smith

Monday, June 4, 2018
Camping in Red Rock Canyon is exquisite. For the most part it is very quiet and free of unwanted noise. Great place to hike the trails and practice a rappel. Great Wet and dry campsites are available. We didn’t fish but others were taking advantage of that opportunity. Nice, clean bathrooms with hot showers available.

Barbara Peterson

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Great park. Only complaint pool rules not enforced. Many people wearing street clothes. This indicates no showers were taken and they are wearing their dirty sweaty clothes in the pool. The pool is not a washing machine but a place to enjoy in clean fresh water where only appropriate bathing attire is required. Pool personnel needs to enforce the policy which is blatantly put on a sign when you enter the pool.

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