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Smith Rock State Park

9241 NE Crooked River Dr

If you enjoy scenic views of deep river canyons or rock climbing, Smith Rock State Park is the place for you. There are several thousand climbs in the park. More than a thousand are bolted routes. We also offer miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. Along your trip through the canyon, you might see golden eagles, prairie falcons, mule deer, river otter and beaver. Due to the uniqueness and fragile aspect of the park, park rangers enforce the animal leash law and strongly encourage all park users to stay on trails.


Cory Senti

Saturday, May 5, 2018
Want a fantastic hike with some great views, descent altitude gain (and loss), someplace fun and doable for the kids, or if you are wanting to do some serious rock climbing, this is the place. It's surrounded by a beautiful river and is located inside a giant volcanic caldera. It's so obvious, especially as you cross the Ridge toward Monkey Face. What????? Climb up over the Ridge and down the other side, or if that is too hard, take the longer flatter route along the river. On the west side you will see an enormous rock pillar with the head of a giant monkey on its top. And yes, some maniacs actually climb that bad boy. Oh to be young and immortal again. Pay attention to the rocks in the area too. There is copper hiding in those greenish ones, and basalt is everywhere....course basalt is all over the place. Be prepared for a steep, steep climb back up to the parking lot. Get there early and bring lots of water. Finally, take some time to watch the rock climbers. It's 's great sport and the location is second to none.

Amanda Thomas

Monday, June 11, 2018
This place reminds me of Garden of the Gods in Colorado, but it is much larger. Hiking alongside the river on the River trail was nice, but absolutely be on the lookout for rattlesnakes. I came across 4 rattlers and 2 garter snakes during my hike. Just be respectful and give them space to move off of the trail. The rock formations here are interesting and quite stunning. Definitely hike here, there are trails for all skill levels, that everyone can enjoy.

Funky Knuckles

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Fantastic place to gather raw materials for building a fax machine. I built mine from scratch using shrubs and some human remains I found buried near the entryway. It is super easy to hike up this mountain and I am really powerful and in great shape with excellent calf muscles. This isn’t so much a state park as it is a metaphysical representation of the deep sadness within me.

Stunning Portrait Photography Jennifer Piol-Wenger

Friday, June 15, 2018
This park is very well known and can get a bit crowded but sure does make for spectacular engagement photos! Highly recommend whether taking pictures, hiking, or climbing it’s a great place to visit. Parking can be a challenge on weekends and holidays. Be prepared.

brian Gumaer

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Wow!!! It's one of a kind for sure. Been there many times (20 minutes away). Quiet, peaceful, grand. If you've never been, plan a trip. Every kind of hiking there is. Severe, to passive. We'll maintained, well manicured trails. Climbers there all the time. Fun to watch.

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