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Summit Rock Climbing

1040 Mustang Drive
817- 421- 3888

Summit Climbing Gym welcomes kids from 7 years to try their hand at bouldering and climbing via their kids' club, recreational team and private lessons.

Under 14s aren't allowed to belay so be ready to step in for that.

The experience includes enlightenment on fitness and endurance training, equipment handling and many techniques.


CiCi blergh

Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017
I used to love climbing. I used to go every Wednesday because, on Tuesdays they would change a majority of the walls. They no longer change the walls every Tuesday. Don't get me wrong. This gym at one point in time was GREAT. I ended up cancelling my membership - which you have to do in person so they can attempt to try to wheedle even MORE money out of you. I approached an issue with the store manager who I believe was named Daniel and he was unable to help me. In the end he gave me his Regional managers email. I have since then emailed Trevor and have not received any response. It's been a week and no word. In the year and a half this gym has gone from being my sanctuary to being a stressful situation. The customer service has changed so much and, the people they hire now are completely incompetent and unhelpful. I've gone up to multiple employees and asked for suggestions on getting up a wall and pretty much get blown off by everyone except for Anthony who will actually HELP you. (If you're going to ask for anything you need to ask for Anthony or you get nowhere.) Otherwise they pretty much just defer to, "you have to go into this class to learn this thing." I have 2-3 friends that are moving to the area that would've probably got a membership here and after this experience of mine they've decided not to.

Bryce Warren

Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017
Seriously considering cancelling my membership. We’ve been hoping for new routes for the last 10 weeks or so without any luck. Same old, boring routes have been up for over 2 months. They keep reassuring us they will set new routes on “Tuesday” but then never do. It’s really disappointing since the membership is so expensive. ($54 per person per month). That being said, we’re giving it 7 more days to see new routes before we cancel. Additionally, half of the gym is dedicated strictly to lead climbing, while the other half is for top rope and/or lead climbing. However, it seems none of the people lead climbing ever use their designated area, and hog all the top rope space. I believe they set it up this way to squeeze a little more money out of customers by forcing them to become lead certified. I think it would be a huge improvement to make the entire gym both lead climbing AND top rope appropriate, or keep them both completely separate. To the owner and manager of this this location... PLEASE CHANGE THE ROUTES. You’re losing customers over this. It’s a shame.

Neil *

Friday, Nov. 24, 2017
The Kids Club has been great. My son has gained a lot of confidence and is having a great time in the lessons. I do wish that they were a little more organized with lesson plans and assessments. The gym is clean and staff are friendly. Other patrons are always very friendly and tolerant of the younger climbers.

Josh Tindel

Monday, Oct. 23, 2017
Great Experience! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. If you’re having any kind of lower back pain I would highly suggest yoga. The instructors are great!

josh bryant

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017
This place is unforgiving and makes all my muscles hate me. But just like Taco Bell, even tho it hurts right after I still come back the next day for some more!! Great friendly, and knowledgeable staff and prime location with pretty cool and challenging routes for both top rope and bouldering!

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