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The Climbing Tower at Footsloggers

The Climbing Tower at Footsloggers
131B Depot Street

Anyone who has been to Boone has probably noticed the climbing tower at Footsloggers. Standing at about 40 feet and centrally located, the top of the tower offers a view of beautiful downtown Boone and the surrounding Appalachian Mountains. The tower has over 4000 square feet of varying climbing terrain and offers opportunities for beginners or seasoned veterans. Color coded routes on the slabs, vertical faces, and steep overhangs give climbers a new way to challenge themselves.

Climbing the tower at Footsloggers is the ideal introduction to the sport of rock climbing. Our "Tower to Rock" program combines a tower experience with climbing out on real rock all in a day! We also offer staff belays as well as belay classes and certification opportunities for belaying at the tower.

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