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Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center

356 Villa Roma Road


Villa Roma Resort has been under the current ownership and management since 1969, when Martin Passante purchased a small quaint boarding house from Ernesto Vindigni.   Villa Roma has never been the same since.

In the years following, Marty has grown this small seasonal boarding house into a year round full service resort hotel.   With the addition of additional hotel rooms and suites and almost every facility under the sun, Villa Roma has become the leading resort hotel of the New York Catskill Mountains.

Although Villa Roma specializes in family vacations, our resort is also a popular venue for reunions, meetings & conferences, senior citizen tours, destination weddings, school groups and more.


Cookie Singletary

Sunday, July 8, 2018
I was on a student leadership retreat when attended the Villa Roma. I really enjoyed the food and the wait staff that was assigned to our group in the dining room were very polite and attentive. One issue that I had was the odor in my room. It had a very strong musty/mildew smell. I was only there for a weekend, but I don't think I could have inhaled that pungent smell for much longer than that. Perhaps getting the carpets, draperies and furniture steamed might help with the smell or replace everything altogether. Another issue that I had was when I visited the boutique. There are some beautiful items of clothing displayed in the window and inside of the boutique. When I entered, the salesperson was not very welcoming. I didn't receive any customer service. I was not offered any assistance as I walk with a cane; nor was I asked whether I needed any help. I asked the salesperson if credit and/or debit cards were honored. The manner in which she answered me, I got the impression that she was not interested in my business. I looked around for a few more minutes, but I did not feel welcomed, so I left. There were a few items that I would have liked to purchase had I been offered some customer service. I hope on my next visit, the customer service will have improved.

Tsume Katavch

Monday, July 16, 2018
Been coming here for 12 years. Love it each year! The amount of detail here is great. Everything from treating the road and scrubbing stair cleats. The staff is great always with a smile. It really seems like everyone wants to be here. Way too much stuff to do to put in a review. The family is great everyone seems to be very fun. Week 28 is where it is at plus huge games of volleyball ! Wake up early for the pool cuz all the families already know what chairs they take each year. In short it is great five stars. Little expensive for the food.

Lou Sibears

Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018
Excellent place for families to go on vacation. My parents own a timeshare and we've been going the same week for over 20 years. I have lifelong friends because of Villa Roma. 5 stars from me. But be careful, people take the 10:15am Bocce tournament very seriously.

Joseph Zerafa

Friday, July 20, 2018
Rooms are spacious and staff is incredibly friendly. Something for everyone to do and lots of nearby attractions as well. Best way to describe it is a cruise ship on land. Wifi is slow, but that's the only downside. Staff is incredibly friendly

Josh Manton

Sunday, July 15, 2018
I will start with the good stuff: The lobby was renovated a few years ago and still looks very nice. The food in the dining room is surprisingly good and the dining room is very nice. Similar to the dining room on a nice curise ship. Take the meal plan for solid breakfast and dinner (you may gain 10lbs). The staff in the dining room is excellent. There are a lot of families and the energy is great at the pool. Now for the bad: The rooms are terrible. I've stayed in motels that are in better shape. We paid over four hundred a night to be uncomfortable for 3 days. My daughter did not sleep well a single night. Her room had the air compressor (for the AC) and every time it turned on it was so loud it woke her up. The air registers would also rattle. The walls and ceilings are not sound proof and you can hear every single conversation from the rooms in every direction. We were also next to the elevator and it was very loud. The carpet is stained and is threadbare at the seams. The furniture is all dented and in terrible shape. The sheets on the bed felt like sandpaper, the pillows and mattress like rocks. The walls are all dinged and the paint is chipped. Our front door had extra drilled holes where someone did not install the deadbolt correctly. The bathroom was fiberglass everything (shower, tub, counter tops) and the ceiling was dropped and stained and the ventilation was dusty and disgusting. The front desk is well aware that all the rooms are in bad shape and only offered a 10% discount and an apology. I have never felt so bamboozled by a hotel before. I have been robbed by Villa Roma. If they contact me and invite me back after correcting the issues I will update my review. Until then, you've been warned. Many of the higher rating reviews say the same thing but they are nicer because they have been going to Villa Roma for years. I can tell from a few conversations that even the long time customers are disappointed.

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