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Callicoon - Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center

356 Villa Roma Road


Villa Roma Resort has been under the current ownership and management since 1969, when Martin Passante purchased a small quaint boarding house from Ernesto Vindigni.   Villa Roma has never been the same since.

In the years following, Marty has grown this small seasonal boarding house into a year round full service resort hotel.   With the addition of additional hotel rooms and suites and almost every facility under the sun, Villa Roma has become the leading resort hotel of the New York Catskill Mountains.

Although Villa Roma specializes in family vacations, our resort is also a popular venue for reunions, meetings & conferences, senior citizen tours, destination weddings, school groups and more.


Janet Sanchez

Monday, May 21, 2018
BED BUGS IN ROOMS 149-147. My son recently returned from his high school senior trip, where his school spent 2 nights at Villa Roma. He and 3 friends shared 2 adjoining rooms, Room 149 & 147. Just before heading to bed around 1:30 a.m., the boys saw a bed bug crawling on the bed in Room 147. They quickly notified security. Security went on to notify maintenance, who immediately confirmed that indeed it was a bed bug. As per my son, the boys insisted that their rooms be changed, but staff refused at the time, insisting that their were no rooms available. Their only option was to bring in cots for the 4 boys. The quickly moved their bags to another room. I happened to check in with my son around 9:30 a.m., and this is when he explained what had happened. I quickly called the front desk, and asked to speak to a manager about getting the room changed immediately. The representative was very rude, and seemed to have taken my complaint of bed bugs personally. She went on to explain that Managers don't arrive until 10 a.m. I consider this an emergency, so I was in disbelief that a manage did not arrive earlier to handle this situation. I did not receive a call back, and called back around 10:25, and spoke to Carol Kelly, the Assistant General Manager. At this time my son happened to send me a video of another bed bug, found on ONE OF THE COTS that had been brought in in the early morning. I explained Ms. Kelly that a bed bug was found in my sons room, and I wanted him moved immediately. To my disbelief, rather than being sympathetic, her first response was "How do you know it's a bed bug?" What?????? I definitely voiced my discontent with this question, which she was not happy about. She tried to explain that pest control would need to be called to confirm the it was indeed a bed bug. I was adamant about changing the room. In my opinion, if this was a family, they would have been accommodated immediately, but because these were teens, they tried to push the incident under the rug. Thank goodness I called. She stated that she would look into it and give me a call back. I went on to call the chaperone, who also reached out to the general manager. At this point my son got notification that they were indeed changing both rooms. BEWARE OF BED BUGS IF YOU ARE VISITING THE HOTEL. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF.

Ivan Nunez

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
My wife, two boys (3 & 5 years old), and myself stayed here via time share for one week. Everyone had a great time and all wanted to stay longer. The rooms were large, with locking safe, with a good view, but a little dated. The staff was very courteous, attentive and pleasant. Food and service was good. The free bus service got us around and the different pools were great. They had a lap pool, regular pool (with large slide & mushroom water falls), kiddie pool (with two sides), a water slide on one side and a large refilling water bucket that spills over (my older son and I loved that one). The hot tub pool has a water fall, and center island. There was a water spray area for smaller kids. We did not try the indoor pool. The kids loved child camp and we loved the free time it gave us. They had a game room, bumper and paddle boats, and too many things that we did not try. The surrounding area has many things to do. My wife and I have traveled to many countries and to many states, but with the kids, this is a great place and easy to get to from NYC.

Elaine Romano

Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018
Have been here numerous times over the years. Unfortunately, this time was Far From Great. Seems like they halved the amount of whether you stopped at the front desk for an activities sheet at MIDNIGHT (and had to wait 30 minutes to get it), or asked for something in the dining room...(and never received it), it seemed to echo either Understaffed, or Just Don't Care. We just returned from President's Day Weekend. A FAMILY BASED WEEKEND. I would think they'd have entertainment to include the kids. They did not. They had a couple of comedians...the adults thought they were funny, but the kids and teenagers were lost. They also had a great singer, but he sang almost ALL oldies. Sinatra, Nat King Cole, etc.... Again, NOT kid friendly. We went to "Marty's Lounge" a few times. They had a wonderful DJ there, playing all current music...but the kids (teenagers) were not allowed in. So we, as the parents, did not stay either. I think they need to reevaluate their processes... ALSO, Went up to the ski chalet while the kids went skiing. Still love it there! However, the women's toilet overflowed out into the restaurant area... It was never sanitized from what we saw. And this was a carpeted area! Stunk there for days.... So, to sum it up...lousy service all around. Good entertainment during a regular week, NOT a family week. And food, that was always Great before...was just OK at best. Did I mention that they served old, stale cake for dessert one night?? Our entire table threw it out! (Spoke to the manager at the restaurant, he left our table to go "look into it", we never saw him again.... )Or that their Vodka Sauce was NOT edible on two separate occasions. And this for about $500 a day for a family of 3. I really hope they get their act together, or they won't be around much longer....

Louise Waterhouse

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Staff is excellent. Needs to get remodeled. Game area old. Good entertainment. Far to drive to anything. Plan on almost 1 hr per day to drive.

nanette white

Friday, April 20, 2018
What I enjoyed most was the entertainment unfortunately this hotel needs a serious upgrade in their hotel. New stoves new beds new fridgerators new microwave new dishwashers new flooring would really be helpful. Also their recreation equipment is very much out dated and not to clean.

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